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Magic Rush: Heroes Astuce Hack – Diamants Gratuits

Magic Rush: Heroes Astuce Hack

Magic Rush: Heroes Astuce Hack – Diamants Gratuits et Illimités pour Android et iPhone.




Comment obtenir des Diamants Gratuits et Illimités dans Magic Rush: Heroes pour Android et iOS


  • Étape # 1 – Cliquez sur le bouton OBTENIR DES RESSOURCES
  • Étape # 2 – Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER
  • Étape # 3 – Remplissez une offre de la liste avec des informations réelles
  • Étape # 4 – Après avoir terminé avec succès, votre méthode pour les Diamants Illimité sera débloqué
  • Étape # 5 – Profitez de vos Diamants Gratuits et Illimités 😉


Informations sur Magic Rush: Heroes Astuce Triche – Diamants Gratuits et Illimités


  • Obtenez des Diamants Gratuits et Illimités avec cette méthode facile
  • 100% sûr (pas de risque – complètement légitime)..
  • Compatible avec tous les appareils Android et iOS
  • Sans Root / Jailbreak.


Assemble your league of Heroes and clash with enemies in Magic Rush: Heroes, the one-of-a-kind strategy RPG that combines the best elements of RPGs, RTS games and tower defense games. With an amazing single player campaign, online PvP battles, multiple game modes and daily quests, there are tons of ways to lead your Heroes to victory!

Are you ready for battle? Fight for victory, become a legend and earn glory as the greatest kingdom defender of all!

Magic Rush: Heroes Features:

Unique Real-Time Strategy Gameplay
Magic Rush: Heroes combines the base building and real-time control of RTS games with the progression of an RPG and the strategy of a tower defense game. Experience RTS gameplay unlike any other as you climb your way to the top.

Summon Magic Spells Using Skill-Aiming Controls
Exert direct control over your spells with Skill-Aiming! Choose your targets and cast at just the right moment to interrupt enemy spells and create chaos. Each of your Heroes has his/her own Ultimate – master all of them for true battlefield domination!

Clash With Enemies in the PvP Arena
Battle in a global, cross-server PvP Arena with a turn-based ban/pick phase to level the playing field. Strategically ban your opponents heroes depending on your strategy, and win amazing rewards for coming out on top.

Join an Alliance to Battle and Chat With Allies
Choose from a number of online clans, each with their own players vying for victory! Then, join a league of allies to capture nearby mines and collect valuable resources for your kingdom.

Expand and Collect Resources
Strengthen your kingdom using the Iron, Crystal, Silver and Medicine won from online encounters, and use those upgrades to power up your Heroes. Arrange three teams of Heroes on your kingdom wall to defend your city from attack!

Collect and Upgrade Heroes
Use RPG progression to build your party how you want, from a huge team of characters. Your Heroes grow in strength as you upgrade them with runes. Collect new Heroes from the Wishing Pool, and build your dream team of defenders!

Tower Defense Side Missions
Experience a totally new brand of Hero-fueled tower defense where your Heroes are the towers! Use our unique Skill-Aiming mechanics to place Heroes and launch magic spells as enemies charge your castle!

Take on Quests to Earn More Power
Conquer the Crystal Dungeon to earn powerful loot and equipment, or enter the Proving Grounds, where new challenges open daily. Challenge the Elite Campaign to face harder battles and earn bigger rewards – if you dare!


Profitez de votre Magic Rush: Heroes Astuce Hack – Diamants Gratuits et Illimités pour Android et iOS et partagez-nous sur les réseaux sociaux ! 😉

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